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About Us

Conmee Township is located approximately 30 km west of the City of Thunder Bay near the beautiful Kakabeka Falls.

In 2013 Conmee Council was approached by several youths asking for Council’s support to establish a local skateboard and bmx park so they wouldn’t have to travel to the City of Thunder Bay. Council agreed to give them a piece of land if they would help to raise the funds for the park. A Committee was formed and has been hard at work. The Committee contacted NewLine Skatepark Inc., a well established skatepark design company and held an Open House to get ideas from the skateboard and bmx community on what they would like to see at their park. NewLine then took those ideas and came up with a preliminary design and cost. The Committee made a few adjustments and the design was completed.

The Committee was successful in bringing in two sponsors early in the project. First was Korkola Design who developed the skatepark logo and sponsorship package. Also on board is True Grit Consulting Ltd., who have graciously provided the geotechnical and topographical survey information that is needed to finalize the skatepark design. The Committee and Council would like to thank Korkola Design and True Grit Consulting for their donations.

Next, the sponsorship package will be sent to various organizations to see if we can get some more sponsors and donations. The Township of Conmee will also be applying for grants on behalf of the Skatepark Committee. Please see the How to Donate page for information on how you can help.

The Conmee Sk8park Committee is also planning some exciting fundraisers. Watch this space for more information.